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david elliott

-Raised during the embryonic phase of HipHop.

david elliott Artist + Photographer + Architect + Creator + Curator

-A bicultural práduct of two migrant farm workers…graduate of the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, former student of Center for Creative Youth at Wesleyan University, the Hartford Conservatory and The Artists’ Collective and a participant in the Highlander Research and Education Center’s Youth Leadership Institute. 


-A native of the city of Hartford, david elliott began to create change by empowering youth and young adults through educational and artistic methods. -He is a formally trained and self-taught artist, who has performed in various shows and worked in several art medium-printmaking, sculpture to free-style spoken word, creative directing and producing to Commedia dell' Arte, Latin percussion to cake design and digital photography. -A práduct of the Projects, a social activist.  david elliott continues cultivate and blend his creativity into ART.

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